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Rio Finishes 18th in Feature Race

Rio Finishes 18th in Feature Race

Nuerburg – Rio Haryanto was unable to get a satisfactory result in the first race of the GP2 German. Indonesian young rider was only finished in 18th position in the feature race.

In all the 32 lap race at the Nuerburgring circuit on Saturday (07/06/2013), Rio start in 20th position. He succeeded in crossing the finish line in 1 hour and 1 minute 0.306 seconds and ranks 18th.

This is the winner of the first race DAMS driver, Marcus Ericsson. Ericsson, who started from second position, finishing in 1 hour 16.988 seconds.

Rio still has a chance to earn points in Germany. He will follow the sprint race on Sunday (07/07/2013) tomorrow.

In the rider standings, Rio now ranks 18th with 20 collection points. Top position is occupied by Rapax driver, Stefano Coletti, with 135 points.

German GP2 Feature Race Results:

1. Marcus Ericsson DAMS 1h00m16.988s
2. James Calado ART +7860 s
3. Stefano Coletti Rapax +14,915 s
4. Fabio Leimer Racing Engineering +15,061 s
5. Stephane Richelmi DAMS +15,119 s
6. Robin Frijns Hilmer +15,272 s
7. Jon Lancaster Hilmer +17,156 s
8. Tom Dillmann Russian Time +17,823 s
9. Felipe Nasr Carlin +24,265 s
10. Johnny Cecotto Jr Arden +24,333 s
11. Alexander Rossi Caterham +26,797 s
12. Sergio Canamasas Caterham +27,221 s
13. Sam Bird +31,518 s Russian Time
14. Simon Trummer Rapax +31,592 s
15. Daniel de Jong MP +33,904 s
16. +34,142 Arden’s Mitch Evans
17. Nathanel Berthon Trident +36,142 s
18. Rio Haryanto Addax +43,318 s
19. Fabrizio Crestani Lazarus +45,117 s
20. Rene Binder Lazarus +45,498 s
21. Daniel Abt ART +58,723 s
22. Julian Leal Racing Engineering +59,186 s
23. Jake Rosenzweig Addax +1 m08.725s
24. Jolyon Palmer Carlin +1 m42.868s



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(Neilton) The New Neymar Become Tottenham Approach

(Neilton) The New Neymar Become Tottenham Approach


Tottenham now need a new striker to face competition next season. Reportedly KLUN care mengincara Andre Villas-Boas is a young Brazilian talent, Neilton.

As reported by Metro, Tottenham Hotspur are preparing a proposal for Neilton for 7 million Pounds.

Neilton an easy Brazilian talent who was 19 years old. The Santos player usually plays as a winger, but can also be installed as Neilton striker. Neilton himself promoted to the senior team Santos on Marek 2013.

Player whose full name is Neilton Meira Mestk dubbed The New Neymar because it has the style and appearance similar games. This makes Tottenham want to bring Neilton.

Tottenham themselves had once failed to bring Neymar when he was only 15 years old, and this time meraka do not want to fail again to bring Neilton.

Capability Change and Successful People today Deal With It again

Capability Change and Successful People today Deal With It again

Industry executives usually come up having a new run away and even uncontrollable problem connected with fighting off modify. Some sort of opposition of this nature may demonstrate again in lots of types.

For instance: a good running diminish for productiveness, debilitating on-going quarrels together with quarrels, certain lack of control together with intermittent wants from workforce regarding send. They are solely scraping the particular top from the barrel.
While this is your psychological situation that develops practically daily; triumphant people currently have established an ideology regarding their have that they implement recurrently and are hardly ever prone in order to disaster. Make it possible for us assessment some with the ways that resisting modify can end up being managed very easily.
1st, it must become regarded which if you actually will be getting a difference an individual must make an analysis picture. This picture puts individuals who want the particular change to the right circumstance who do want (or will resist) the switch on often the left. Consequently, you will certainly visit find out what the particular relative sturdiness is which will you require and that areas need the almost all totally focus.
After you found yourself in know the very causes next to the switch, it is actually a balanced idea towards soften all of them and to expend your own personal time and energy so as to abate often the force you happen to be expecting to are up against simply because challenge.

Give these people specific cases including finance cutbacks as well as put off within increasing your good standing.
Never overwhelm your decision around the resisters. Provide the occasion and room or space to figure out what is finest for these. While professionals often stand against this thought, it is certainly yet healthy to produce a squad connected with resisters along with give all of them time that will critique the very decision and share their have judgement on it. Typically, this notion works the best after anyone have independently consulted utilizing every particular resister.
It should also possibly be explained adjust can never be helped bring into perform individually. It needs the suggestions of anyone in the corporation.

The actual people which you get notable as those who find themselves prepared to transform are significant sun and wind that will become weak down the exact forces from transformation by just counseling all of them and indicating them advantages this they will manage that transformation.
The exact fiercest resisters are those who else needs to be experienced personally through the central executive new member. He/she should really tell all of them the particular that are awaiting them having assistance from this specific adjust in addition to show just what exactly personal progression they will comes from the idea; by way of example paycheck extra, identification, or even fine level.
At the various hand, they should also come to be told just what the problems may possibly be, which will be faced by means of these people issue change just helped bring into good results.

Carryout vast plus great increase appointments in which resisters and even acceptors for modification have to relax together. A good agreement should really be climbed to by typically the general staff, just in case anyone are the very boss, keep heart opened for the normal option to be put forward simply by them. Finally, with often the transformation method, choose your workers view the voisinage on the assured important things about of which particular transformation. Co-operate together and these people will absolutely smile so that you can acknowledge often the change with open heart. Honesty is best in the actual transformation course of action and when so that you can direction and also business owners get involved around dealing with this specific change and interaction that in order to the main employees, the very resistance to help adjust may be a good significant little.

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‘Knight’ Failed to Conquer ‘Dragon’

‘Knight’ Failed to Conquer ‘Dragon’

Kuala Lumpur – Indonesia Warriors, the Knights, defeat the dragon in the cage they hunt, Westports Malaysia Dragons. Rony Gunawan et al. defeated by a score of 79-82 by a team from the Kuala Lumpur.

compete in the MABA Stadium, Saturday (03/03/2012) evening local time, Larry Smith a contributor Jonathan scoring with 18 points. Meanwhile, Ron and Mario Wuysang scored a total of 29 points.

Tight battle occurred in the first quarter, in which the Dragons led 17-13 with one minute left. Despite continued pursuit, the Warriors had to thank the Dragons ahead 22-20 at the end of the quarter.

In the second quarter, when the game took about five minutes left, Mario scored a three-pointer, making the Warriors cut the gap to 30-27. But, the Dragons managed to get out of the pressure and eventually winning 43-38 in the final quarter.

Tiras Jamaal Wade scored 32 points for the Dragons in this game and be with the most points for the Malaysian representative. Westports still lead late in the third quarter; 67-60.

With the rest of 49 seconds in the final quarter, the Warriors tried to catch up 79-76. However, Westports managed to maintain the advantage until finally win the fight.

For the Warriors, it was a sixth defeat from 10 games in the ASEAN Basketball League. Their position was still stuck in fourth place.

In the meantime, this is a victory for the Dragons sixth. They are now in the top of the standings.

Field Analysis is critical in your Strategy Shape regarding Lodging Booking

Field Analysis is critical in your Strategy Shape regarding Lodging Booking

Rapid breakthroughs within systems own started out vistas of new options. Bring to mind the very recent perennial lack of precious time in our lives, people simply being continuously on the road, and a plan for some sort of strategy shape for one thing like your hotel reservation starts having shape on your mind.

Industry Analysis
It can be an broadening industry and also competition shall be intense. You need to into consideration your own nearest thing rival, the business, along with word the very way the industry is certainly headed. With the world economy in shambles, corporates plus individual homeowners are tightening up their the purse strings. You can find less journeying (both organization and leisure) and reorganization, rearrangement, reshuffling is occurring in the major manner. A great circumstances requires the fact that you be realistic.

To perform what people want to build will need a proper business design that is going to street address concerns for instance:
Your own personal Aim for Client Base
It truly is highly sudden of some sort of BOSS regarding a company to demand a stay for whatever a lot less than your five-star inn; moreover it all is extremely improbable this a sales team on your industry stay is going to be offered with high priced accommodation. Such circumstances request you be apparent, be plain, be manifest about the particular area you actually want towards targeted, when i. u. is going to your web blog wrap with five-star resort restaurants, budget allowed motels, or even each of those.

You will also prefer to choose beforehand irrespective of whether you can connect upward with a specific hotel band or would you like to have on-board a ton of firms catering to the hospitality market. One factor that requires notice is your virtual reality infrastructure. Would be the design along with capacity of the website of about the mission regarding having high traffic by using handiness? You should get to make a decision in improve whether your current website basically caters to be able to hotel or possibly ultimately also provide booking facilities for marriages, seminars, business meetings, or any some other this kind of situations.
Your own task really should obviously information the very sources of your current revenue. Simply how much commission would you be convicting hotels do you know rooms are usually booked throughout your website? What amount do the competition charge? How do you expect to give you a better work via competitors? Ways much is actually your financial budget with regard to promo exercises in addition to which in turn measures may you decide on ensure the very message extends to the designed audience? How can you entice individuals and any time would you be expecting to break even also requirements careful describing.

The correct objectives with obstacles an individual are possible to confront would help prepare you better to be able to cope with them all. The debate need to also be on your advertising combination with far more tension set for additional surroundings.
Prices Ideas
Become clear with your business concept and rationally explain your current company’s growth and improvement plans. How could you ensure this you aren’t going to be sidelined by existing level of competition or nudged by your brand new competitor? Is there a possibility of tendido development through creating much more capacity as well as capability? For example, you might figure out, inside due program of the time, to help open vacation portals that may cover the total gamut connected with activities for example fun day preparing, plane ticket preparations, rental car, or anything else. in order to specialized instruction providers.

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Fifa: Diving is a cancer in football

Fifa: Diving is a cancer in football

football diving

Vice president of the Federation of International Football Association (Fifa) Jim Boyce said he believes the practice of diving or pretending to fall into “cancer in the sport of football.”

Boyce’s statement is his reaction after watching video footage of Luis Suarez as Liverpool’s players fell to the ground in a match Liverpool against Stoke which ended goalless at Anfield today mingg.
“I’ve seen a few incidents and Suarez incidents, and for me it was nothing more than a fraudulent act,” he said.
“[Diving] into cancer in this sport. If it is very clear that it was a pretense, the perpetrators should be severely punished.”
Last September, Stoke manager Tony Pulis asked the Football Association (FA) to punish the players found guilty of diving to the suspension and played in three games last Sunday Pulis said Suarez should be punished it.
Boyce added that he also thought that the action was very important even if the incident was missed by the referee.
“The actions that can be dealt with retrospectively by disciplinary committees, and it is done in some associations, I believe that it is the right thing,” said Boyce.
“Sometimes it is very difficult for referees to judge whether something is cheating or fair and if the players do the diving, their task becomes more severe.”
Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers defends Suarez.
“At the moment there seems to be a set of rules for Luis and another rule for everybody except him,” Rodgers said.

Suitable price, Rodgers Release Suarez?

Suitable price, Rodgers Release Suarez?

Liverpool manager, Brendan Rodgers gives the signal if they are ready to sell Luis Suarez if the incoming bid for Uruguayan striker was later deemed suitable.
Suarez ended last season with 10 penalties related controversial fight that he received due to bite Chelsea defender, Branislav Ivanovic. And this summer called relentless speculation the 26-year striker ready leave from Anfield.
Rodgers himself had no intention of removing Suarez insists, although he also does not preclude it. “Unless there is a bid that comes close to the value, then there’s no need to be considered – and we have not found it. So this time, he was back in the team and report to training at the right time, “he told The Daily Star.
But Rodgers insists if the priority is to defend Suarez on Merseyside. “He is a player who clearly had a lot of talk and speculation accompanying pause throughout the season. But the reality is he is very respected player in Liverpool, “added the former coach of Swansea.

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Ten greatest athletes in Kansas City sports history

Ten greatest athletes in Kansas City sports history

While the history of sports in Kansas City is largely tied to the Chiefs (NFL) and the Royals (MLB), the narration is threaded much deeper than the names on the front of the jerseys. The “team first” mantra will always ring true, however, there are some athletes that are Considered the anchors for their colleagues, Organizations, cities and even generations.
Though not as vast as some of the bigger cities of the – oftentimes resulting in an astronomical popularity – Kansas City has seen some of the best call it home.

Here are the 10 most beloved athletes of professional sports in Kansas City history.
Who sits atop this list for you?
* List is in alphabetical order
* List includes only athletes; no coaches or owners INVOLVED
Nate “Tiny” Archibald (Kings, 1972-76)
His nickname may be “Tiny,” but he had a big game. With the Kings / Omaha Kings, Archibald enjoyed some of his best years in the NBA.

In the 1972-73 season, his first year with the Kings, the point guard averaged 34 points and 11.4 assists per game – leading the league in both categories. In fact, Archibald Became one of the rare players to lead the NBA in both assists and points in one season.
With the Kings, Archibald was a three-time All-Star, and he was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 1991.

George Brett (Royals, 1973-93)

The unequivocal leader of the Royals during their glory days of the 1970s and 1980s, Brett’s name is synonymous with Kansas City sports – even leading the team to its lone World Series title over cross-state rival, the St.. Louis Cardinals, in 1985.
Having played his entire career with the Royals, the Hall-of-Fame third baseman is also the franchise leader in most major statistical categories.

Brett stayed in the Kansas City area following his playing days and has always been closely tied to the organization. He was named the team’s interim hitting coach Earlier this season.

Len Dawson (Chiefs, 1963-75)

Not originally a member of the Chiefs, Dawson’s career did not really get going until joining the Dallas Texans five years into his professional football days. The franchise moved to Kansas City one year later, and the rest is history.
Dawson led the Chiefs to two Super Bowl appearances, losing the very first one to the Green Bay Packers and winning the franchise’s lone Super Bowl title three years later against the Minnesota Vikings. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1987.
His close connection to the organization and the city after his player career keeps Dawson’s name among Kansas City’s elite.

Tony Gonzalez (Chiefs, 1997-2008)

Though Gonzalez is now a member of the Atlanta Falcons, he will be best remembered for his days donning Chiefs’ red at Arrowhead Stadium – at least in the eyes of Kansas Citians.
Gonzalez has made the best-tight-end-ever argument an open-and-shut case, having tallied 1,242 receptions for 14.268 yards and 103 touchdowns – all records for his position. These numbers, however, make it imperative to include his name among the greatest pass-Catchers of all time, Regardless of position. The 16-year veteran ranks second in catches, seventh in receiving yards and sixth in touchdown receptions in NFL history.
Even though he did not get a postseason victory until joining the Falcons, Gonzalez will forever be a part of the Chiefs’ family.

Maurice Greene, the Olympians (Track and Field)

Born and raised in the Kansas City area, Greene took the entire world by storm by being Anointed the world’s fastest man back in 1999. The speedster would go on to take gold in both the 100m and 4x100m relay at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia.
Greene’s stretch of dominance from 1997-2001 is one that will not soon be forgotten. He has been an avid participant at the Kansas Relays and is now a track and field coach at UCLA.

Bo Jackson (Royals, 1986-90)

Bo Jackson hit 109 HRs in four-plus seasons with the Royals. (USA Today Sports)
Though it may have seemed like a flash in the pan, it is debatable that no other Kansas City athlete’s Stardom and fame shined brighter than that of Jackson’s.
One of the greatest pure athletes that we will ever see, Jackson’s football career with the Los Angeles Raiders was cut all too short after he sustained a freak hip injury in a game against the Cincinnati Bengals in January of 1991. He would never be the same either on the baseball field.

An example of just how well he is Regarded in Kansas City was during MLB’s 2012 All-Star Game festivities. Jackson was the coach of the American League celebrity softball squad that also featured Brett, among other greats and big names in the world of pop culture; but it was Bo who stole the show.

It was late in the game with his team way down on the scoreboard when the fans started chanting his name relentlessly. They wanted Bo to take one final at bat in Kansas City as if to signify what they had missed out on over a decade before.
It was supposed to be Joe Carter’s turn at the plate – who also has ties to the Kansas City area – but he INSISTED that Bo do the honors. It was the most breathtaking infield pop-out that the game has ever seen.

Buck O’Neil (Monarchs, 1938-43, 46-48)

O’Neil on coming to Kansas City: “I knew I was coming to the Heart of America … I did not know I was coming to the center of the universe!”
“O’Neil loved Kansas City and Kansas City loved him back. You’d be hard-pressed to find any one individual who did more to raise the profile of our great city and he did so unassumingly and selflessly. The barbecue baron, Ollie Gates, has Often said that the two most important people in Kansas City history were H. Roe Bartle and John ‘Buck’ O’Neil.: I could not agree more! ” – Bob Kendrick, President of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City’s historic 18th and Vine District.

Derrick Thomas (Chiefs, 1989-99)

Though his time with the Chiefs and on this Earth were abruptly cut short back in the winter of 2000 after a tragic car accident, Thomas will certainly never be forgotten for what he meant to this organization and to this city.
On the field, the nine-time Pro-Bowler was one of the most feared pass rushers the game has ever seen – tallying 126 1/2 career sacks and an NFL-record seven sacks in one game against the Seattle Seahawks during the 1990 season. Off the field, Thomas planted himself in the Kansas City community early in his career by starting the Third and Long Foundation.
The Chiefs organization has since named its player of the year award after Thomas and a charter school opened in his name (Derrick Thomas Academy) in 2002.

Tom Watson, Professional Golfer

Born in Kansas City, Watson paved a career during the 1970s and 1980s that saw him Become one of the greatest golfers of all time. He won eight Majors from 1975-1983, Including the British Open five times.
Watson has tacked on another six Major tournament on the Champions Tour Victories.
While his hometown is not Regularly featured on the Tour, Watson’s name is peppered all over the golfing community in Kansas City – Including his involvement in designing the new Loch Lloyd Country Club and also The National Golf Club of Kansas City, located on Route 45 , or better known as Tom Watson Parkway.

Frank White (Royals, 1973-90)

One of only four jersey numbers retired by the Royals (Brett, Dick Howser and, of course, Jackie Robinson), White played his entire 18-year baseball career in Kansas City.
Though born in Mississippi, White’s story really Began in Missouri.
In 1970, then owner Ewing Kauffman started the Royals Baseball Academy Essentially which was designed to develop inner-city athletes into baseball players. White spent 18 months in the program before being signed to one of the organization’s minor league affiliates.
White played by Brett’s side during the Royals’ glory days, winning one World Series title (1985), an ALCS MVP (1980), a Silver Slugger Award (1986), eight Gold Gloves, and was named to five All-Star teams. The slick-fielding second baseman has stayed close to the game, most recently as a coach for the Kansas City T-Bones who play in the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball.